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Early addiction recovery is a difficult and emotional experience, especially within the first several weeks of sobriety. Our addiction treatment center carefully addresses the individual needs of each client during this period while developing a comprehensive, amendable, and individualized treatment program for the duration of the client’s stay.


The caring and responsible Clinical Staff at Reflections Recovery Center helps each client safely and immediately assimilate into our therapeutic addiction recovery community. This urgency on our behalf sets the individual up for the best possible success within a  drug treatment program. individualized treatment program for the duration of the client’s stay.


Innovative clinical services that address the specific needs of each client are no longer just an option. We see them as a requirement in providing effective drug rehab services. Our Prescott, Arizona drug treatment program is a fully licensed and accredited treatment center that works diligently to make each therapeutic experience creative and healing.


The philosophy behind our addiction treatment program at Reflections Recovery Center echoes the American Medical Association’s belief that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic and progressive diseases. Left untreated, this disease has proven to be costly and fatal. Reflections Recovery Center offers our clients and family members a therapeutic setting conducive to rehabilitation and building a solid foundation for recovery.

At Reflections Recovery Center we believe that abstinence is just the beginning in the process of recovery.

Full recovery is obtained by a total lifestyle change. Through our addiction treatment program clients learn to live a happy and productive life free from the use of mood-altering drugs and other addictive substances.
Reflections Recovery Center provides a wide range of skilled and compassionate staff to be there for our addiction treatment clients every step of the way. Our professional staff members include people specializing in the treatment of addictive disorders. We support our clients learning to bring their problems to the attention of others in a positive, respectful way. This ultimately leads to the development of compassion and true constructive criticism. Clients also learn compassion for themselves and their own mistakes as they begin to hold others accountable and share similar feelings and experiences.

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We believe in offering an affordable addiction treatment program without sacrificing the quality of care that families in crisis need.

Reflections Recovery Center is licensed and accredited by the State of Arizona. MOST MAJOR INSURANCE PLANS ARE ACCEPTED.

Providing drug rehab in Arizona at state of the art drug treatment centers.  Drug addiction treatment is our specialty and our drug treatment programs are proven to help in drug addiction rehab, drug detox, and drug intervention of heroine addiction and more.  If you or a loved one needs substance abuse treatment, then you can find the right drug treatment in Arizona at one of our rehab centers.  We have drug treatment facilities and drug rehab facilities and treatment centers in Prescott, Arizona, but provide services to people across the United States.  Call or visit our addiction treatment centers and learn more about addiction intervention and save a life today at our drug rehab centers.


“When our son entered Reflections Recovery Center, we were not sure what to expect. But after several months into his stay we began to notice real changes in him. He is content, focused, understands the importance of sobriety, and puts his recovery first! Thank you!”

“I asked for help and ended up at Reflections Recovery. It is a safe place where I did a lot of work on myself in a short amount of time with a great bunch of guys.”

“I went to Reflections after three months at another treatment program in Prescott. My experience there was outstanding. The structured recovery and excellent leadership has added a new and powerful dimension to my existing program. I couldn’t have been happier with the choice I made.”

“My experience at RRC is it helped me become the man I thought was impossible.”

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Reflections Recovery Center, located in Prescott, Arizona (AZ) provides respectful support for those suffering with a drug & alcohol addiction. Call Today to speak with one of our caring rehab staff members!

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